7 - 16 October 2022, Queens Arcade, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland

Orbit took part in Arcadia, organised by Artfull. Arcadia was held in the historic Queens Arcade, as part of Art in the City, six pop up gallery spaces took art beyond the white cube. Orbit featured in one of the six spaces.

Orbit is a series of experimental works by Tāmaki Makaurau based artists Yeonjae Choi and Sarah Oostendorp. This exhibition is an investigation into the process of making art using circular forms and mixed mediums, sculpture and drawing. Yeonjae and Sarah shares similar ideas in their process of making, their preoccupation for the circular form and the outcome of chance, as to let the art choose its own fate. Combining a sculptural practice with a two dimensional practice presents new challenges and new pathways for ideas to grow for both artists. Yeonjae’s works are highly focused on the forms of shape and interior of the vessel. In her solitary practice, her works have been focused on how the exterior form of the vessel dictates the interior, ‘The enclosed space – as metaphor for the human spirit, or as an evocation of its own micro universe – is unseen yet still has a powerful and mysterious presence.’ In the same way that the round vessel contains a small universe, each tiny circle of Sarah’s drawing contains her thoughts accumulated, creating a meditative and peaceful universe for her to exist in. The work becomes a deeply personal experiment in scale and space that talks about our place within the round world.

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