a woman standing in front of a tree

Sarah Oostendorp is a contemporary emerging artist from Southland, New Zealand and currently living in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland. Her art practice focuses on the state of mind whilst in the midst of creating labour-intensive drawings of repeated circular movements using paint.

Sarah is drawn to the meditative quality of repetitive circular movements, her drawings evoke organic forms and delightful, spontaneous movements. Often when a person views these works they are provoked to create their own narrative in the drawing, as figures, landscapes and textures begin to appear amongst the circles. Once these works are created Sarah wants the viewer to assess and reassess. She wants the art to force the viewer to slow down, examine, let the patterns fool with your vision, let them create new forms in front of you. The viewer begins to enjoy the process of viewing these art works as Sarah has enjoyed the process of creating them.

Listen to Sarah talk about her practice and life on episode 70 of the Creative Matters Podcast.